National Contact Points

National Contact Points are people who volunteer to help coordinating a submission to UNESCO in the respective country. This doesn´t mean they have to represent the final entity which is submitting an application, but it means they stay on the task to make sure an application gets submitted.

Please don’t hesitate to approach the listed contact persons, if you like to contribute to the campaign in the following countries.

And we´d love if you volunteer to run an application in your country, then please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us right away!

Applications in preparation or running


Heikki Jungman
Researcher, The Finnish Museum of Games
email: Heikki.Jungman [at]


Tobias Kopka
Founding member of Digitale Kultur e.V., Demoscener since 1992 (Haujobb / Agnostic Front), Gaming expert and conference director for game developer conferences (Ludicious Zurich Game Festival / Reboot Develop).
tobias [at]


Andrzej Lichnerowicz
angelo / OftenHide & Aberration Creations
andrzej [at]


Other countries where there is interest to submit an application we know of so far are Switzerland, Hungary and France.