Demosceners and Individuals

There is three ways you can help:

  1. We need help to submit applications in as many countries as possible:
    If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please check under the National Contact Points, if in your country an application is in preparation or has started already. If so, please approach the noted contact person for further information and considerations.
    If your country isn’t noted there or if you think, that your contribution is more regarded to the international level please contact the international coordinator of the campaign EFGAMP via ‘demoscene [at]’.
  2. We need help to cycle the message around – inside and outside the scene:
    If you are from the demoscene and want to show your support via your group or party or association and help us getting the message around, we are happy to enlist you as supporters in the partners section!
    Please get in touch with Tobias as Community Coordinator under .
  3. Open tasks / positions:
    • Campaign logo
      If someone of you is interested to create one or two awesome graphics for us that´ll be helpful, as a logo for Twitter or general circulation would be much appreciated. It could be something completely new or an adaption of the cube we are using so far. It should consist out of a graphic and the name “Art of Coding”
    • Maybe you have ideas how to help too? Get in touch!