Demosceners and Individuals

If you want to help us, this is what you can do:

Community Platform
For all informal questions and to exchange with other activists on the initiative
join the #ArtOfCoding Discord-Server:

Show your support:
If you are from the demoscene and want to show your support via your group or scene initiative (party, association etc.) and help us getting the message around, we are happy to enlist you as supporters in the partners section!
Please get in touch with Tobias under tobias [at] curatomic [dot] net

Help submitting an application in your country:
If you are interested in supporting the campaign by working on a national application, send us an email and join the discussion on our Discord Server, to let us know you are willing to help – and also to check in with others working on applications. As a) in your country an application needs to be started or b) is already in preparation. Either way you can help others to progress!

If you have no clue on your national application procedure and whom to approach at your national UNESCO agency a reasonable way is to check the international Unesco ICH site (, where you can search your country in the top right corner. Besides other interesting stuff you should find the right contact persons for your national territory. Approach them to find out more on your dedicated national application procedures and schedules.

Help us with the initiative:
We are especially looking for someone supporting us with website editing and ideally communications/press experience to strengthen our comms side, please get in touch with Tobias if you have experience in these and would like to support!

See our Trello board with current things to do, maybe you can help?


You have other ideas how to help? Get in touch!