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If you like what we do, don´t hesitate to reach out to be added to our partners list! We love your support!

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AMP Amiga Music Preservation (International) (Finland) (Switzerland)

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Nah Kolor


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Country Contact Points

Contributing Institutions & Organisations

Demoscene Initiator and
Scene Communicator

International Applications Coordinator

Supporting friends of the Initiative

C64 Club Berlin
IMAGINARY – open mathematics

Individual supporters of the initiative

Heartfelt thanks to all individual contributors:

Pekka “Pehu” Aakko
Judith Ackermann
Toni Aittoniemi
Gleb Albert
Yoann le Bats
Christian Brandt
Luisa Bojczuk 
Allan Christophersen
Anne-Rose “Cicile” Davigo
Philppe “Prez” Dubois
Florine “Flopine” Fouquart
Gundolf S. Freyermuth
Satu Hapakoski
Tobias Heim
Mikko Heinonen
Koopee Hiltunen
Reza Esmaili
Heikki Jungman
Jukka Kauppinen
Andre “kudrix” Kudra
Frank E. Larsen
Filip Kuźmiński
Andrzej Lichnerowicz
Anna-Liisa Mattila
Andry Joos
Leena Marsio
Kaja Mikoszewska
Shana Marinitsch
Stephan Maihöfer
Jakob Moesgaard
Jari Myllylahti
Niklas Nylund
Riina Ojanen
Manu Pärssinen
Stefan Pautze
Ronnie Pries
Outi Penninkangas
Bartosz Rakowski
Markku Reunanen
Paul Rony
Petri Saarikoski
Andreas Schilling
Łukasz Szałankiewicz
Stefan Ullrich

Thank you, Bridges 2020 promotion video contributors:

Unreal / Focus Design ^ Rebels (Modern Gfx)
Oni / Poo-Brain (Modern Gfx)
Prowler / Necta ^ SNG, TSG ^ (Amiga & C64 Gfx)
Veto / PriorArt ^ TRSI ^ OXY (Amiga & C64 Gfx)
Necro / FUEL ^ Royal Belgian Beer Squadron (ANSI Art)
Luisa / Poo-Brain ^ Rabenauge (ANSI Art & Media Gathering <3)
Skin / DeZign (ASCII Art)
Dascon & Mygg & Bonefish (Music)
HellMood / Desire (256b Mega Demo)
and all others featured in the 1999-2010 demo compilation by Digitale Kultur e.V. & Haujobb

Huge THANK YOU, RETURN Magazin, for letting us post RETURN #43 AoC article!
And thank you, article media contributors Darya Gulyamova, Zee Upitis, Tobias Kopka and Got Papers?

All groups who gave us their support, all party and association organizers who are supporting us – and a big thank you to everybody who creates demos, makes the scene vibrant and helps to move things around behind the scenes.

Did we miss you or you know someone we missed?

As this initiative is getting bigger every day, and by design should be decentral, we might have missed you or someone you know! So, if you are contributing to an application in a country or to the Art of Coding initiative in general and we didn´t add you here, yet, please get in touch!

Friends of the initiative

If you like the idea behind the initiative and want to show your support: we are also preparing a “petition style”-area, where you can declare your individual support soon. Come back soon!

Country Contact Points

Country Contact Points are people who volunteer to help coordinating a submission to UNESCO in the respective country. This doesn´t mean they have to represent the final entity which is submitting an application, but it means they stay on the task to make sure an application gets submitted.

We´d love if you volunteer to run an application in your country, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us!

For most direct access, if you have questions or want to help, join the AOC Discord-Server:

Please don’t hesitate to let us know you are there on the Discord – and also approach the listed contact persons, if you like to contribute to the existing or new applications or are willing to help in a different way

Applications in preparation or running


Jakob Moesgaard
Special consultant in Digital Cultural Heritage, Royal Danish Library
email: jamo [at]

Allan Christophersen
Curator in Digital Cultural Heritage, Royal Danish Library
email: alch [at]


Chefs de projet :
Anne-Rose Davigo “Cicile”
Florine Fouquart “Flopine”

Consultants :
Funder and president of MO5.COM, videogames history expert and curator
Philippe Dubois “Prez”, MO5.COM
email: dubois [at]
Paul Rony, MO5.COM


The Finnish Museum of Games
email: pelimuseo [at]


Tobias Kopka
Founding member of Digitale Kultur e.V., Demoscener since 1992 (Haujobb / Agnostic Front), Gaming expert and conference director for game developer conferences.
email: tobias [at]


To be updated


(Originally pushed by Andrzej Lichnerowicz / angelo / OftenHide & Aberration Creations)


in exploration


Andry Joos aka Unlock/Vantage^Padua
Founding member and president of Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur, Demoscener since 1993 (C64, PC), long time main organizer of Buenzli & Demodays party series, long time main editor of the PAiN diskmag
email: andry.joos [at]

We are looking for more demosceners and interested supporters to file applications in even more countries, get in touch directly or join our Discord.

Want to help?
If you are from the scene or not, we are constantly adding partners to our initiative.
Don´t hesitate to reach out.