Partners & Supporters

We are constantly adding partners to our initiative. Don´t hesitate to reach out to us for joining our partners and supporters! Be it from the scene, or be it regarding companies and institutions wanting to support the endeavour, please get in touch!

Application Partners

International Application Coordinator

Demoscene partners

If you are from the demoscene and want to show your support as a group or party or association, get in touch!

Events / Associations: (Finland) (Switzerland) (Germany)

Demoscene Groups

Supporting Institutions & Organisations

Individual Supporters

People we´d like to thank so far!

Jukka ´Grendel´ Kauppinen
Gleb ´dipswitch´ Albert
Anna-Liisa ´Rimina´ Mattila
Flopine´Flopine´ Fouquart
Satu Hapakoski
Koopee Hiltunen
Tobias ´XXX´ Heim
Frank E. Larsen

Supporting Companies

We are looking for supporters, who love the idea to bring the demoscene into UNESCO cultural heritage. Aims would be to support help fund mostly travel-costs to conferences, future communications measures and closely related thing, as everything is -demoscene style- a pro-bono initiative.