Application in Germany submitted

We more than glad to announce, that the submission in Germany has been finalized by Digitale Kultur e.V. and has been submitted to UNESCO in the Bundesland North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) few days ago on the 30th of October.

The submission has been written in an collaborative community effort led by Tobias Kopka supported by Andre Kudra, Stephan Maienhöfer, Gleb Albert, Christian Brandt, Andreas Lange and many more who gave their hands at Digitale Kultur und Tastatur und Maus e.V.
Included in the submission is photo image material by Darya Gulyamova, Gleb Albert and Tobias Kopka from Revision, Evoke, also including historical scene materials.
Also included in the submission is a video edit Tobias did in 2011, which represents demos from 1991-2011, with a range of different impressions of the diversity of aesthetics of demos.

We intend to share the submission (in German language) for orientation for applicants in other countries soon.

While we are continuing to extend the outreach into the scene in general and other countries specifically the application in Germany will be decided by an independent expert committee until early next year and hopefully nominated by NRW for the national listing in Germany.

Thank you all who supported us so far – stay tuned!

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