Happy New 2021

“Happy New 2021” from all of us and thank you for supporting us in 2020! As challenging 2020 and full of losses may have been for all of us, for Art of Coding it was a good year, so we want to thank you for this!

Thank you to everybody who made the success of the Finnish Application possible, helped the German Application taking a major step to success, and who is supporting the groups in Poland, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and more places gearing up next applications!

Thank you for your support in 2020, happy new year 2021 to come! (Picture: Anna-Carolin Weber / Tobias Kopka)

In the second half of the year we turned a little more inward, as the pandemic took more time and mental space – and also impacted our work lives severely in some of our cases – like for probably many of you, too.

Though even with all the struggles 2020 had to bring we are super happy that on all ends initiatives were pushed forward, articles were published and talks were given by friends of the demoscene. And we know already there is more to come in 2021!
(See our Twitter, or check out our Press Area for updates in next weeks and more details)

So what’s coming up next in 2021?

In January join us for a Discord-gathering of supporters (edit: Date is Tuesday, the 19th 2020 at 8pm CET in the Discord), in February we aim to check in with all teams actively interested in pushing applications, and in March (*DRUMROLL*) we expect to hear back from UNESCO in Germany!

All of this will lead to Revision Online happening in April. Plans are to convene digitally at Revision, to replenish energy, gather ideas and bring together supporters for updating each other on the chances and challenges for the months to come.

Updates too scarce?

No problem, if you are feeling you would like to be more involved make sure you follow our Twitter and join our Discord (https://discord.gg/ntASGGN), as these are the two channels where we share updates aside of the main milestones which generate website news. And you can always poke us directly on Twitter or Discord in case you are curious or wondering how to move on with something.

It’s not about us, but the scene as a special place!

So thank you again, sceners, cultural folks, digital and nondigital people, without your support we wouldn’t have made it this far! Now onto the next year, for probably a few more to come! Thank you for your continued support!
Tobias and Andreas on behalf of the Art of Coding Team and Initiative