Demoscene in Poland gets accepted as national immaterial cultural heritage

We are super-stoked about the success of the Polish demoscene to be accepted as a living national cultural heritage!
To inform you quickly let us quote from the success text of the committee of Polish demosceners (Komitet Społeczny Kronika Polskiej Demosceny / KSKPD) behind the application:

“Polish demoscene is officially Polish cultural heritage.”

We are proud to successfully participate in the international initiative Art of Coding, which aims to recognize demoscene creation as a craft and art, whose development is a part of modern human history. Poland joins the successes of Finland and Germany, and our experience opens doors for other countries, whose demoscene communities are also working on their proposals. The goal of this cooperation is to include the world demoscene on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – and it will be the first-ever digital culture on this list.” Andzrej Lichnerowicz and others at

We are extremely happy that Poland, right after Finland and Germany, recognized the digital culture of the demoscene as an immaterial cultural heritage. It is a huge milestone, as it confirms on an institutional level that the demoscene is a major influence on digital culture east and west, north and south, crossing all borders and boundaries. We are super grateful for the success of the Polish scene and the community behind Kronika Polskiej Demosceny, which pushed the successful application with great passion and energy. Ogromne gratulacje!”
Tobias Kopka – Co-Founder Art of Coding”

Thank you to all supporters involved in making it happen, first and foremost Unjello from Aberration Creations and also Luisa from Poo-Brain for initial energy rushes, and please see the main article from the Polish Demosceners at for full names-list and as well our Supporters-Section at Art of Coding.

For full details and context please check out:

Thank you again, we are super excited, what a happy end of the year!